Our Table

We know you’ve got your hands full at the



But if you’d like something even bigger in your life…

Round Table is a unique worldwide organisation that unites men that

want to have a laugh and make a difference.


Lewes and District Round Table 37 are currently looking for new members. There are no funny handshakes, we’re just a bunch of guys aged 21 – 45 that like to have fun doing things we wouldn’t normally get the chance to do. Many of the activities we do are also for partners and sometimes children.

This year we will be doing lots of fun activities including;

  • Sailing
  • Gliding
  • Poker
  • Kids camping weekend
  • Progressive supper
  • Brighton sewers tour
  • Archery
  • Rifle shooting
  • Barcombe boating
  • kids rock pooling and BBQ


We also organise some fund raising activities including a race-night, Lewes county business and fatstock awards and Lewes Raft Race.

We mainly meet twice a month on a Wednesday evening and you only pay for what activities you do. So it doesn’t take up too much time or cost too much.


For more information and to come along for a free trial of one of our social

events please  contact Matthew Reeve on 07966627710

or email matthewjreeve@hotmail.co.uk

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